Step 1:

Slag Collection

To kick-off your program, we'll supply you with collection containers specifically sized to fit your needs. Our customer's facilities come in all shapes and sizes and keeping your slag dry is an important step so we also supply lids when necessary.  


When your container is full, simply give us a call.  We'll take care of everything, including all shipping paperwork.  

Our proprietary process is supported by decades of testing and empirical scientific evidence conducted by leading Weld Regulatory bodies throughout the world.


By strategically eliminating S.A.W. slag waste by 100% you can maximize your company's ROI for S.A.W. flux purchases and reduce landfill fees exponentially.  


The industry leader in


S.A.W. slag waste

"The advantages of reclaimed flux over virgin flux are cost and in some cases improved weldability over virgin fluxes"
              - J.G. Feldstein, ASME Sub-Committee IX


Flux powder is largely composed of non-renewable, mined minerals such as manganese, carbon, silicon, and nickel - some of which are designated as semi-hazardous materials in several states.


Every year, approximately 70 million pounds of S.A.W. slag is deposited into landfills throughout North America. Due to this staggering number, local and national governments have made it increasingly more difficult for companies to dispose of this waste. They accomplish this through increased landfill fees, requiring dumping permits, and implementing zoning restrictions.

The best alternative is to simply ELIMINATE the waste you are producing! 


Our program is a sound environmental initiative that will reduce your company's carbon footprint, allowing you to re-use these non-renewable resources time and again, saving you time and money!

Titus Flux's slag recycling program

is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative.



Titus Flux and its affiliated subsidiaries have been recycling S.A.W. Slag since 1975.  


Our company was instrumental in enabling the AWS, ASME, CWB, and ISO sub-committees to evolve their standards and codes to allow the use of S.A.W. Crushed-Slag for Industry throughout the world.  


As of January 2018, the following codes permit the use of S.A.W. Crushed Slag:


AWSD1.1          AWS D14.1          AWS D15.1 AWS A5.17       AWS A5.23          AWS A5.01







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